About Us

Our Story

Our founder is passionate about using technology to enhance our daily lives. He has been designing, deploying and supporting various technology solutions for many years. His experience to date has enabled him test and compare multiple types of home automation platforms, leading to the solutions now offered by Johnson Intelligent Homes.

Our philosophy

Smart homes have come a long way, but it remains the experiences that matter. They are the things that make you stop and take notice as the house responds to you, and around you.

Of course we’re not saying technology doesn’t have a part to play, it does. But what we are passionate about is making smart homes deliver on your needs. That means we start with what you want your home to do, and from there, we can build the platform to deliver on those experiences.

We use systems which do not require custom cabling, or changes to the way a standard house is electrically wired. All of our installations require minimal changes to 1st or 2nd fix stages of a new house build, or renovation project. This also means that many of the platform capabilities can be retrofitted to an existing home, without making any structural changes.

Finally, we are committed to supporting you in the way you want. Many providers will require that they own platform updates, configuration changes and system access. Our approach is more open. We will happily show you how you can create your own automations, or we can provide support in the long term. The choice is yours.