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About Us

Our Story

Our founder is passionate about using technology to enhance our daily lives. He has been designing, deploying and supporting IT and Networking solutions for more than 25 years. Working in a systems engineering and design role, he has worked for customers across the globe, within multi-national IT consulting companies. Most recently Chris worked across two countries, at the world’s largest Cloud Hosting provider.

Over the last 7 years he has taken a real interest in Home Automation, looking at how it can help us be more energy efficient, secure and make our homes respond to our actions. Over that time he has worked with, and tested many types of home automation platforms. That experience has led us to the solutions now offered by Johnson Intelligent Homes.

Our philosophy

At our core, we want Smart Homes to support their owners seamlessly as they live, and often work, at home. A smart home should not require a mobile phone to make things happen. A guiding principle of our design is that smart homes should welcome visitors, with no awkward ‘instructions’ required for guests. For example, our solution allows for standard light bulbs, with standard light switches. These light switches can be turned on and off as normal, but the same lights can come on and off automatically throughout the day, for example when someone enters a room after sunset.

We are committed to supporting customers in the way you want. Many providers will require that they own platform updates, configuration changes and system access. Our approach is more open. We will happily show you how you can create your own automations, or we can provide support in the long term. The choice is yours.