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Smart Alarm System

Think about the components that make up a standard home alarm system – you have movement sensors, as well as door and window contact sensors. Even without your alarm being armed, these constantly provide valuable information to any Smart Home Controller. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use those sensors to make things happen around your home? For example, when windows are left open, we could lower the target temperature in that room.

At Johnson Intelligent Homes, we work with your preferred alarm installer to integrate either directly with your existing alarm, or take advantage of the alarm pre-wiring in your home, to deploy a smart alarm. Konnected is one of the secrets to this flexibility. It makes every wired sensor in your home become smart. You are able to breathe new life into all of your pre-existing door, window, motion sensors. Best of all, all of these platforms have no monthly fees. You can monitor and control your home from anywhere.

With the Konnected Alarm Integration kit, we leave your existing equipment in place, including keypads, and integrate the Konnected board into your existing alarm system. With this setup, there are no changes, but Home Assistant can now arm and disarm the alarm system, as well as use the sensors around your home to provide automations.

With the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro kit, we use existing alarm wiring in your home, and connect those wires and sensors to the Konnected board, providing you a native 12-zone alarm system, with the ability to use Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, including two outputs for sirens and/or strobe lights.