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Smart Security

If you already have a wired alarm system, we can replace the brains of that system with one which integrates with our platform. This means no additional wiring is needed, and we can use door/window and movement sensors throughout your home for capabilities like Smart Lighting and Energy Management.

Your door, window and motion sensors can also be used to create automations. For example, we can use your door contact sensors to reduce the heating in that room if the door is left open for any period of time. Movement sensors can turn on lights in the winter as you come down the stairs in the morning.

We can also use the movement sensors on your cameras to trigger home security focussed automations. For example, customers often want lights to come on in the home if motion is detected outside in certain areas. We can deploy Security Cameras which can identify if the movement is caused by a pet or a person. With information on the time of day and the state of the alarm, your Smart Home can then make an informed decision about the automation to use, and if it should notify you of the event.

Our system can call you, and send notifications and images to your mobile app. At this point, we can present you a set of options you would like your Smart Home to take, be that triggering further events, playing audio through your security cameras, or triggering the alarm manually.

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