Smart Security

At Johnson Intelligent Homes, Smart Security includes both sound and motion as a foundation for your home security system. If you already have a wired alarm system, then we can replace the brains of that system with one which integrates with our platforms. This means no additional wiring is needed, and we can take advantage of your existing door, window and movement sensors throughout your home.

Your door, window and motion sensors can be used not only for home security, but also for automations. For example, we can reuse your door contact sensors to lower the heating in that room if the door is left open for any period of time. Movement sensors can turn on lights in the winter as you come down the stairs in the morning.

From an automations perspective, we can use the movement sensors on your cameras to be able to be able to trigger home automations focussed around security. For example, customers frequently want lights to come on in the home if motion is detected outside in certain areas. Advanced Security installations support facial recognition to decide if a person on the property is known, or not – allowing the automations to welcome you back to your home, or deter unknown people from it.

Alerting is also an area where we at Johnson Intelligent Homes differentiate from others in the market. Alerts of course will be sent to you and your nominated contacts. On your mobile we will present you a set of options based on an event, for example we can send you images taken from your security cameras, allowing you to make a decision on what to do next.

This ability to use existing alarm systems with our home automation platform is one aspect that differentiates us from our competition.