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Multi-Room Audio and Video

Multi-room audio and video is a very popular installation with our customers. Whether you have speakers in the ceiling, on worktops, in your garden or free standing, we can make the speakers a part of your Intelligent Home.


In each room we will deploy a Voice Assistant of your choice (Google or Amazon Alexa). When you want your favourite radio station, podcast, playlist or artist to play, you simply ask for it. The Voice Assistant will know what room you are in, and make sure the music plays through the speakers in that room. Of course, we can join rooms together to play the same music in multiple rooms.

Our Smart Home platform can also use speakers to make you aware of relevant home events. For example, letting you know letting you know that there was frost overnight, and you’ll need to allow more time to de-ice the car(s) before setting off.


A smart home solution can have a huge impact on the viewing experience, be that a game console, streamed content, tv broadcasts or blu-ray movies. For example, when the TV is turned on we can configure lights to dim and blinds to close. Our system will ensure all the required devices (e.g. speakers, TV/projector, amplifier) are automatically turned on, in the right order. Gone are the days of lots of remote controls, and trying to explain to family members how to use the TV. Now you can use your voice, or one simple remote control to automate the whole experience.

If you are considering a large screen installation, we can provide help and guidance around cabling and setup for that room so that all the technology is hidden, and your are left with a room which can look beautiful, but transform itself into a cinema for movie nights.

Ready to talk about your next project? We are available for a free consultation, design and guidance, or a full managed install with on-going support.