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Energy Monitoring

Energy costs are expected to continue to rise. At Johnson Intelligent Homes we want to empower you with information to help manage energy costs and gain insights into your energy consumption.

Our Energy Monitoring capabilities can provide insight into energy consumption and usage patterns at a granular level of detail. On your Home Automation Platform, you can see what devices could be used at cheaper times, appliances or lights which could be swapped for more energy efficient appliances, or simply receive notifications about peaks in usage.

Our Smart Security System can help reduce energy consumption. For example, the system can identify if a door or window has been left open while the heating is on. The heating in that room or zone can be turned off automatically, and an alert sent to you. Once the door or window is closed, the heating can be automatically turned back on.

As part of our Smart Lighting capabilities, we can monitor the individual light switches for their power consumption. Modules installed behind the light switches can provide detailed power monitoring reporting, and alerting. We can also deploy smart sockets for devices like washing machines, dishwashers etc. Often the easiest approach is to install smart modules into your junction box (or consumer unit). This allows us to measure both your overall energy consumption for the home, and compare consumption circuit by circuit.

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