Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is one of our most requested features. It frequently incorporates interior and exterior lighting, covering main lights as well as side lamps, led strip lighting and security lighting. You may well already have some smart lights in your home, Philips Hue for example. We can integrate with those existing lights, and join them with other platforms for you. Together, they can create beautiful lighting scenes. For example, a room may have one lighting ‘scene’ for reading a book, and an alternative scene for watching a movie or entertaining.

Our design principle for smart lighting is that you should alway be able to operate the lights from a light switch. When a visitor comes to stay at your house, you should not have to explain to them how to use the lights, or ask that they operate their lights through an application on their mobile.

For that reason, we will install modules behind your standard light switches. This means you can continue to buy standard bulbs and standard light switches, it is the modules that will make your lights smart.

When combined with other sensors around the home you can optimise your energy usage, make rooms respond to people walking into them, or make the house appear occupied when there is no one there. Together we can define scenes that suit a particular mood. Movie Night for example, or a relaxing scene for the main room.

Many Smart Home systems only focus on their lights that they support. At Johnson Intelligent Homes we can integrate those systems, meaning we can control those main lights, as well as floor and desk lamps, enabling far more impactful scenes throughout your home.