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Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is all about making sure that the right lights come on and off at the right time. This is taking you far beyond timers, at Johnson Intelligent Homes smart lighting means our system is intelligent. Think about the following situations:

  • Are you home or away?
  • Has someone just walked into the room?
  • Are we nearing, or past sunset?
  • Has something happened in the room that should adjust the lighting? (say a TV being turned on)

These things are all part of our Smart Lighting platform, they allow us to create moods in your rooms, suited to what is happening in your home. It also allows us to ensure your lights are automated, taking into account simple things like us getting less daylight in Winter than Summer.

Our design approach for smart lighting is that you should alway be able to operate the lights from a light switch. When a visitor comes to stay at your house, we don’t want you to have to explain how to use the lights, or you ask that they operate your lights through an app on their phone. For that reason, we will install modules behind your standard light switches. This means you can continue to buy standard bulbs. It also means you can buy standard light switches which suit the style of your home. It is the hidden modules that will make your lights smart.

Last, but not least, many of our modules for lighting include power monitoring. This allows us to report on which lights are consuming the greatest amount of energy. This means you can consider controlling them more efficiently through the day, or working out which lights could be swapped for energy efficient ones. This is all part of our Energy Monitoring capabilities.

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