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New Build in the City

A full suite of automation was deployed to this whole home project, incorporating leak detection, automated lighting and blinds, audio visual integration, along with full security system integration.

The home automation planning started from the architect’s drawings. The home owner wanted to make sure the technology could support a wide variety of smart home elements, as well as potential future home automation enhancements.

Throughout the project, a core design principle was to make sure all technology was hidden. All wiring routes back to the attic, where the brains of the house, as well as the TV, Satellite and Internet connections are presented. These services are distributed throughout the house using standard network cabling.

The home owners were free to plan out their interior design aspects without visual technology constraints, and we worked with their existing electrician and carpenter to add the required technology components. This was all successfully deployed, without any major changes needed to the overall home design, or delays to the build itself.

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